Roti, kapra, makan aur internet- Ex-Google executive Tania Aidrus Has A Bright Vision

To strengthen the digitalization of the country, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated ‘Digital Pakistan’ aimed at introducing the latest technology for Pakistani Awam.

The project will be headed by former Chief of Staff and Head of Strategic Initiatives on the Next Billion Users (NBU) team at Google Tania Aidrus, who left her very well-paying job and has come to Pakistan to head Digital Pakistan on the request of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

She added the slogan

“Roti, kapra, makan aur internet”



Before joining Google, Tania co-founded ClickDiagnostics – a mobile application. This application helps the patients to contact doctors across the globe.  After coming into the limelight, Google hired Tania and appointed her as Head of Next Billion Users Initiatives. It is worth mentioning that Tania Aidrus salary in Google was remarkably high but she left her job and returned to Pakistan to serve the motherland.

In her speech during the launch ceremony, she said:

A person I knew told the Prime Minister about me and forwarded an email to the reform team to contact me. After a few months, I came into contact with Jahangir Tareen and other cabinet members. Before meeting the Prime Minister I even met the President and discussed the plan

Further, she added:

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government is taking “roti, kapra aur makan” slogan a step forward to “roti, kapra, makan aur internet”. The current government is considering the access to the internet a basic right of every citizen of Pakistan

Digital Pakistan Initiative – Launch Ceremony

During the launch ceremony of the Digital Pakistan Initiative, she highlighted the role of middle-income groups in the economy of a country. Further, she highlighted the high rate of consumer spending but also highlighted that there was a lack of technological advancement which is a major setback.

Further, she added:

Technology is a fast-growing sector that collects to a billion-dollar enterprise. There are 70 million broadband users and still, the industry is not fully capable of managing the increasing number appropriately

So, she focused on the importance of government providing a suitable environment for the tech talent of the country.

Passing comments very the connectivity and internet across the country, she added:

A soldier posted in Siachen gets an opportunity to speak his family once in a week. I want to make sure that whenever he wants to connect to his family via a video call, he is able to do so without any problem.

She also added that:

Putting Pakistan on the map as far as technology and innovation is concerned while emphasizing on the fact that new tech initiatives should be permitted to open bank accounts and complete the paperwork in order for them to launch officially

Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf-led government is focusing on digitizing Pakistan. Doubtlessly, the Launch of Citizen Portal is a great success for the government. This portal helps Pakistani citizens to reach in government offices. Furthermore, it comes as no surprise that the head of “Digital Pakistan” stated that Rs. Three trillion is wasted in the procurement of the goods that our government requires. This huge amount can be saved and invested elsewhere if everything gets digitized. Furthermore, Tania focused on attracting investors and ease of conducting business in Pakistan.




  • Do you believe on merit? Are you selected through competitive and merit process? Who is behind your appointment? Do you favour backdoor and influenced appointments? Are you aware about Pakistani Courts judgments which provides that no appointment can be made without any advertisement, through transparent and competitive manner? Do you know you will be paid from public exchequer not from personal pocket of Imran Khan or Jahangir Tarin or from PTI funds?

  • Without Merit & your influenced Appointment will not make you outstanding candidate, i dont believe in you as you came into this Position without merit with the parchi of jahangeer tareen. Shame on this government, will never ever vote for IK again.

  • Those criticizing this lady…
    Your merit is a plate of Biryani….. Did you ever feel shame?
    The hell with your merit…

  • Tania aidrus is a real great lady, sacrificed her well paying job for Pakistan. Corrupt patwari mafia doesn’t want corruption free Pakistan and they will hate this lady for the same reason they hate IK for, as Digital vision programme helps fight corruption.
    Salute to this patriot lady.

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