Pakistan Launches Moon Sighting App – The Ruet

Pakistan Launches Moon Sighting App - The Ruet

Pakistan has launched its first-ever moon sighting app “The Ruet”. Previously, the government launched moon sighting site and now Ch Fawad Hussain announced the launch of the moon sighting app. This application provides its users with the information of phases of the moon, real-time information of moon and Islamic Hijri calendar.

Pakistan Launches Moon Sighting App - The Ruet

Link To Download App: Click Here

This app is named “The Ruet” after the “Ruet-e-Hilal” committee. “Ruet-e-Hilal” is an official state moon-sighting committee responsible for announcing the lunar month in Pakistan. As per the description of the app on the Google Play Store,

The Ruet is a utility and information application related to moon and sighting of the moon in Pakistan by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Furthermore, Pakistan has launched an official website for moon sighting, This step is taken by the government to mitigate the controversy which arises every year at the time of important Islamic events like Eid and Ramadan.

Earlier in a media talk, Ch Fawad Hussain told media that Pakistan’s government is dedicated to launch the moon sighting application and rule out the controversy. Furthermore, he said some people are formulating conspiracies to prevent Pakistan from advancement in technology. He further said Pakistan is ready to deal with all these culprits. Each and every step will be taken to introduce modern technology in Pakistan, he added.

As per the description of the app on the Google Play Store, the main features of the application are,

  • Current age and phase of the moon.
  • Islamic Hijri calendar.
  • Manual setting of the location.
  • New moon details.
  • Moon phase calendar.
  • Moon, Sun and all other planets positions on the interactive sky simulation. 


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