What Are the Government’s Plans for Digital Pakistan?

What Are the Government’s Plans for Digital Pakistan?

Government’s Plans for Digital Pakistan are available for public information now. Former Google executive, Tania Aidrus, who is digital Pakistan program leader, finally shared his plans about digital Pakistan vision. She shared the plans about her ambitious plans to uplift the Pakistan in digitization.


What Are the Government’s Plans for Digital Pakistan?

Tania’s Twitter Post


In a twitter post Tania Aidrus shared the underpinnings of the digital Pakistan vision. She has given the details about her plans to lead the Pakistan in digitization era.

She identified 5 key areas to focus in digital Pakistan initiative:

  1. Access and Connectivity
  2. Digital Infrastructure
  3. E-Governance
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  5. Digital Skills and Training

Digital Pakistan vision is goal driven initiative and this vision focuses primarily on the desired outcomes. So, concrete implementing body and mechanism is a secondary thing to do.


Key Point of Government’s Plans for Digital Pakistan

The four key points of Government’s Plans for Digital Pakistan are as follows,

1. Shamil

  • Responsible and easy access to information and technology is a basic right for citizens.
  • Hardware devices affordability specially to Smartphone.
  • Connectivity in remote areas.
  • Free information exchange and flow.

2. Hunarmand

  • Skill development and training.
  • Digital literacy.
  • Skill development for digital market jobs like selling of products on social commerce.

3. Pehchaan

  • Simple and easy connectivity between citizens and government.
  • “Pakistan Stack” development and data infrastructure to connect different spheres.
  • digitization of public expenditures, tax collection and prevention of tax evasion.
  • Leading and implementing the vision “Ask only once” objective means make sure that citizens, companies and organizations are required to share only standard information to the authorities and administrators.

4. Gigitaljugarus

  • A digital revolution must be an economic boost for all
  • Job creation through digital marketing, freelancing and ride-hailing companies.
  • Providing the legal, financial and regulatory suitability for digital startups and flourishing.
  • Linking local digital skills with global demand. Like machine learning and python.

Key Areas to Focus

 Digital revolution in Pakistan requires focusing on some areas specifically to meet the Digital Pakistan Goal. Key areas to focus on are under:

  1. Channeling and representing the Digital Pakistan Initiative
  2. Information diffusion
  3. Policy advancement
  4. Technological development
  5. Bridging between citizens, government, local and international players

Tania Aidrus said in her post that:

We plan on treating these as living and breathing, so something that will continue to evolve


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