Women Empowerment and Digital Financial Inclusion-Conversations@Jazz

Women Empowerment and Digital Financial Inclusion

In this episode, Aisha Sarwari Talk to Mohammed Qazilbash, Country Head of the Oxfam Pakistan. Recently, Jazz and Oxfam engaged themselves into a partnership – combating the challenges and issues of the Pakistani women with the help of digital financial inclusion. Aisha Sarwari is Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at Jazz.

She discussed the currently ongoing efforts of Pakistani women. Furthermore, they discussed how the partnership between Jazz and Oxfam can help these women to overcome their issues and hurdles. This all can be achieved through the inclusion of digital finance and women’s literacy. Furthermore, Qazilbash speaks about the challenges, importance, and opportunities available in the digital era for women empowerment.


As per Qazilbash’s statement, harassment and violence are the two major factors hindering women’s growth in Pakistan. Women are depriving of the basic human rights despite constituting half of the Country’s population. Doubtlessly, women’s economic empowerment through financial inclusion will cause wonders. It will not only improve the personal lives of women but will boost the economic growth of Pakistan as well.

Furthermore, Qazilbash explains how the Oxfam-Jazz partnership will bring change in Pakistan and will bring women empowerment in finance.

We are living in a digital era and it is too much important that it is used in the most efficient way. Using digital technology gives women access to information and the opportunity to grow. In my opinion, the work that Oxfam is doing currently in rural Pakistan with young women will be increased when we will work with an organization big enough like Jazz

Furthermore, he added that organization like Jazz is very important and decisive in providing a digitized platform for women in Pakistan. Through this women will not get only economic opportunities but they will make the world to hear their voice.

Watch the Mohammed Qazilbash talk over the initiative and let us know about your worthy thoughts and comments in the comment section,


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  • Stop the feminist drama, for how long would you deny the reality that men and women are complementary not equal!
    Stop creating social choas in the chimera of women empowerment!
    Kia ka kaam usi Ko sanjay!

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