The Entrepreneur and The Economy

The Entrepreneur and The Economy

The Entrepreneur and The Economy hold strong bonding. It is a very relaxing and joyful fact that Pakistan is full of talent. 2020 is termed as the year of growth for Pakistan. Many tourism organizations across the globe are placing Pakistan amongst the top places to visit in 2020. This factor strengthens Pakistan’s position as a growing and developing economy.

There is great potential for entrepreneurs in Pakistan. As we all are well aware of the fact that the contribution of entrepreneurship to the economy is remarkable and fruitful. As the economy of Pakistan grows, it provides more and more opportunities for the entrepreneur to excel. Entrepreneurship is something people are not shying away from capitalizing upon.

Pakistani freelancers are not only the most talented but they work on lower rates as well. Further, the Pakistani government also recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship in economic development so he is trying to facilitate the entrepreneurs. The government is striving for providing freelancers a suitable and supportive regulatory environment to entrepreneurs. Consequently, freelancers will have opportunities for creating and growing their business. Furthermore, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) now registers business in a matter of a few hours.


In addition to the above all factors, Pakistani entrepreneurs can have the advantage of getting their logos, strategies, and company websites developed at very low prices. They will have the services of the experts just in a fraction of the amount that international service providers charge. Consequently, many companies are shifting their offices in Pakistan due to all these cost-saving factors. These cost-saving opportunities in Pakistan helped different companies to save more than the three times of the average.

On the other hand, when it comes to technology, Pakistan is one of the leading countries in software development and automation systems. This is because Pakistan’s government is well aware of the fact that how entrepreneurs contribute to the economic development of a country. This is good to know that Pakistan is amongst the best tech-friendly countries in south Asia.

Pakistan completely realizes and understands the entrepreneurship and economic growth relation. So, Pakistan is promoting and encouraging Tecpreneurs. All Techpreneurs have complete access to the opportunities to grow their startups.

Telecommunication companies are also playing their active role in developing a suitable digital ecosystem in Pakistan. Keeping in view the importance of entrepreneurship in society, different telecommunication companies like Jazz are providing incubation facilities for society in Pakistan. These all companies are putting their efforts to make the Pakistan society a digital society. Recently, Jazz tested 5G in Pakistan and become the first country of South Asia to test to do so.

Pakistan is a suitable and attractive market for entrepreneurs. Assessing the contribution of entrepreneurship to the economy Pakistani government is continuously improving processes and lowering the running costs. Furthermore, Pakistan is developing a suitable regulatory environment and ecosystem for the entrepreneurs. However, many other economic factors will play a role in promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan.



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