Massive Response to Digital Pakistan is Satisfactory – Tania Aidrus

Massive Response to Digital Pakistan is Satisfactory

“Massive Response to Digital Pakistan is Satisfactory,” says Ex-Google Executive Tania Andrus. In a panel discussion on Friday, Head of the Prime Minister’s digital Pakistan initiative shared her views about the public response to the digital Pakistan program. Furthermore, she added that it felt like a movement was already in place.

Further, she added:

A lot is happening in the digital Pakistan arena but it is very important to keep the end view insight and adopt a strategic approach. Efforts at federal and provincial levels have to be coupled to achieve the objectives on a broader scale

A conference was held in Islamabad Serena Hotel with an agenda of “Pakistan Digital Future”. Many major players of the local digital market participated in this conference. Tania Aidrus was speaking and sharing her views in the said conference during the panel discussion.

The said event was named as “Reimagining our Digital future – Preparing to thrive or survive?” This event was a part of “Raabta” – Serena Hotel’s initiative of Public Diplomacy. This initiative has a vision of creating awareness among different groups and networks on aspects of socially significant fields like economy, education, and health.

The panelists had a discussion over the challenges and issues facing the local digital economy. Furthermore, barriers in the digital Pakistan vision were identified and discussed. The digital economy is facing a lot of issues and hurdles in rapid and exponential expansion. In addition to all these many other threats and opportunities were discussed like innovation, e-governance, job market, digital marketing, cyber risks, and regulations, etc.

Tania Aidrus, who was the key speaker of the event talked about the five pillars of the digital Pakistan 2019 initiative. The five pillars which form the cornerstone of the digital Pakistan include,

  • Access
  • Connectivity
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • E-Government
  • Digital Skinning and Training

Many participants said that the internet was democratizing power and digital technologies ensure access to knowledge. Furthermore, it was discussed that the affordability of digital infrastructure is a big challenge. Economical digital infrastructure ensures access to the knowledge provided that commodities like the internet are not taxed as luxury facilities and items.

During her speech at the occasion, Tania Aidrus compared 35% penetration of internet in Pakistan with 80% internet penetration in developing countries like Myanmar. Further, she said Pakistan policymakers should ensure the affordable and accessible internet and smartphones, especially in rural areas.

“Rabta” curator, Sidra Iqbal said that the main agenda of the event was potential benefits and costs arising from global digital technology changes. Furthermore, the anticipation of public policy solutions to emerging problems and issues that would shape the future of society was discussed. It will contribute to the economy of the coming generations.

She also added that:

Change can occur within the generation if managed and tackled appropriately, rather than waiting for millennia. We are asking if the policymakers become responsive to the digital revolutions or take the bully by the horn and prepare a suitable environment for the digital market to thrive.”

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  • From 2008 to 2018, joined as a Foreign Faculty and ran a (smartphone based system app etc) program within Universities and Strategic ….. The program started from an idea given to low level government officer and went all the way securing backing from PM and 4 star general from Strategic Organization.
    Unless you can create an eco system that sustains your any digital transformation effort, your effort will fade away and ignored.
    Your other challenge is when the Government changes hand they will drop your program like a rock.
    I could have sustained the program with PM Imran Khan government but I needed to return to US. I would have worked on the subject of sustainability eco-system and that would have taken another 10 years to materialize.
    Don’t get taken in with people who are just supporting you because you are working on behalf of PM. You need a team that believes in the vision.
    If you are interested in hearing what I think will make the transformation, feel free to write and I will connect you with people who can make it happen for you. Regards

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