Top Five Health Apps in Pakistan – You Must Download

Top Five Health Apps in Pakistan

We are going to let you know about the Top Five Health Apps in Pakistan. Health is a precious gift of God and we all are well aware of the importance of good health. Health is wealth; this is an important lesson to learn and keep in mind. Owing to the gravity of the matter we have compiled a list of best health apps in Pakistan so you can take benefit from these applications.


We all are living in an era of technology and digitalization. The Internet is considered a basic human right in many countries and Pakistan is also trying to meet the new world order criteria. So, knowing these best health apps could be so beneficial and helpful for many.

List of Top Five Health Apps in Pakistan is as under,

1. FindmyDoctor

This application was founded back in 2016 in Karachi. FindmyDoctor offers many discounts on lab tests and at-home doctor consultation. Furthermore, it helps you in finding any good doctor at your local premises. In addition, there is a feature “blood required” on an app that can help you in finding blood donors in your local area. You can also find many health tips and its usage is quite simple and easy.

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2. Healthpass TeleDoc

Healthpass Teledoc was founded by the famous pharmaceutical company Medicount Pvt. Ltd. It helps its user to find a doctor on-premises and to fix an appointment. Furthermore, you can pay a doctor’s consultancy fee from the mobile through this application.

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3. Dawaai

It is a one-stop-shop for medicines in Pakistan. You can online order medicines through this app and can receive medicines at your own doorstep without any extra charges. Furthermore, you can read about the side effects and other information regarding medicines on this application. You can set a reminder on this reminder and this application lets you know about the coming medicines in the market. “Denture at Home” is a remarkable feature introduced by the Dawaai. You can avail of the lab test facility at home as well through this application.

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4. Pharmapedia Pakistan

As the name of the application suggests that this application is an encyclopedia of the medicines. So, this application contains information about all medicines available in Pakistan. Their side effects, usage, dosage, and prices, etc.

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5. Medical Guide App Pakistan

The last one but not the least one application is “Medical Guide Application Pakistan”. This application contains information about medicines and hospitals. Furthermore, it can contact you with many ambulance services. The good thing about this application is that you can use it off-line. This application provides you detailed knowledge about medicines and you can access information off-line.

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However, there is great potential in Pakistan as the Digital market is fairly new here in Pakistan. So, we have to improve the interconnectivity between the hospitals, ambulances, and pharmacies. This will lead Pakistan towards a true Digital Health Country.


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