IT Minister is Making Efforts to Provide Digital Network in GB & AJK

It is in the limelight that the IT Minister is Making Efforts to Provide Digital Network in GB & AJK. This Monday, Information technology and telecommunication federal minister, Mr. Syed Amin Ul Haque met with the minister for Kashmir Affairs Ali Amin Gandapur. During this meeting, the IT minister ensured Kashmir Affairs minister that IT Minister is making Efforts to Provide Digital Network in GB & AJK. Furthermore, secretary for IT, Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui was also present in the meeting.

Ali Amin Gandapur apprised the Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication regarding IT-related problems of people residing in AJK and GB. Furthermore, he highlighted the issues of networking affecting the student of these areas. However, Federal Minister apprised Ali Amin Gandapur that IT ministry is making its best efforts to provide flawless IT networks in AJK and GB. Hence, IT ministry is facing a lot of budgetary but Its ministry is trying its best to provide digital services in AJK & GB just like other parts of the country

Further, he said, a large number of IR related projects are in completion phases. Consequently, people of AJK and GB will get unbreakable and continuous digital services. All IT-related problems of AJK & GB will be resolved. It is worth mentioning that the total of 92 communication towers is upgraded from 2G to 4G. Furthermore, a total of 65 new towers are under installation on Karakorum highway and after installation, there will no internet issue in surrounding areas.

In addition to these projects, IT Park and the community start will start its operations in the next few days. Because of this IT Park and community center masses will be able to connect themselves with the digital world. So, Ali Amin Gandapur appreciated the efforts of IT ministry and show commitment to battle the negative propaganda forces. Further, he ensured IT, minister, to convince the Federal Government for the provision of ample budget for IT projects. Earlier, SCO Special Communication organization gave a briefing about the networking in GB & AJK.


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