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In this article, you will learn about the Top 5 Agricultural Apps of Pakistan. We all know that Pakistan is an agricultural economy. So, agriculture and farming form a total of 19 percent of our GDP. Furthermore, 40% of the labor of Pakistan is linked with agriculture and farming. However, emerging and evolving technology have changed the traditional and conventional farming.  Hence, this technological advancement ensures more efficient and productive farming. So, nowadays many applications are available to help out the farmers in farming.  We brought a list of Top 5 Agricultural Apps of Pakistan for our readers. It is worth mentioning that these applications are playing a vital role in the transformation of agriculture and farming. Top 5 Agricultural Apps of Pakistan are hereinbelow,


Ricult Pakistan

Ricult Pakistan stands first in the list of Top 5 Agricultural Apps of Pakistan. This application is striving to increase the productivity and profitability of small farmers. Farmers can get a lot of information like seeds, sprays, and diseases of crops. Furthermore, farmers can have access to the market pricing and credit of flexible terms.

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Kisan Zar Zameen

Kisan Zar Zameen is another popular and famous agricultural application of Pakistan. Basically, this is a health analysis application that provides a number of services to the farmers including the use of multi-spectral imagery from the satellite. Furthermore, it provides information about soil conditions, crop health conditions, and weather updates. So, we can easily say that this application is a one-stop solution for farmers. Hence, through this application farmers can monitor the health of the crop, benchmark crop performance, and crop stress detection. In addition to this farmers may request drone spraying and mapping services. Consequently, the farmer will get higher productivity and profitability.

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Agri Smart

Agri Smart is another very famous and popular agricultural application in Pakistan. This application was launched by Punjab Public Management Reform Program in order to facilitate the farmers. This application offers a large number of services like training, pest warnings, soil sampling, and receiving complaints. The primary area of focus of this application is extension workers. So, this application will digitize the work of extension workers. Consequently, farmers will have fast and free access to the services in Punjab.

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Bakhabar Kissan

Bakhabar Kissan is an application that provides free and reliable information to the farmers. The primary motive of this application is to increase crop yield and profitability. Furthermore, this application provides information about soil sampling, soil preparation, post-harvest, and livestock. In addition to all these services, this application provides weather updates in audio, video, and pictorial form for better understanding. Doubtlessly, this application is an indication that how private organizations such as Jazz can contribute can transform farming and agriculture in Pakistan.

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Kissan Bazaar

Kissan bazaar is an online trading application. So, farmers can sell and purchase agriculture items on this application. Furthermore, this application provides separate sections for fruits, vegetables, poultry, and livestock. Furthermore, it provides an e-commerce facility to the farmers. Consequently, farmers get easy and fast access to the market directly through this application.

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