PTA Unbans PUBG In Pakistan – Good News for Pakistani PUBG Fans

PTA Unbans PUBG In Pakistan

PTA Unbans PUBG In Pakistan after close correspondence with an online gaming company. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) assures Pakistan to develop a strong and comprehensive control mechanism. So, after assurance from the PUBG, PTA decides to unban PUBG in Pakistan.
This news came into light by a senior public office holder here on this Thursday. A comprehensive and detailed meeting was held between PTA and Proxima Beta Pvt. Ltd. Control mechanism and monitoring tools were discussed in said meeting and after meeting PTA officials about unbanning the PUBG.


Furthermore, Proxima Beta representatives answered all the queries raised by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. So, PB gave assurance to PTA that PB will strive its best to misuse of online gaming platform. Consequently, PTA got convinced with the measurements taken by the Proxima Beta.
In addition to this, PB representative welcomed the concerns and feedback of PTA over the online gaming platform. So, the company’s representative promises to keep PTA’s concerns into account in the future. In this context, the company requested PTA to lift the ban on PUBG. Consequently, PTA Unbans PUBG In Pakistan.
As per resources, it is evident that the government had temporarily banned PUBG and seek details from the company. PTA asked the company to bring an online gaming platform into the regulatory network. So, PTA issued a comprehensive verdict and asked PUBG to provide details. However, PTA official reveals that detailed negotiations were on the road with the company for registration in Pakistan.

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