China Accused The U.S for Absolute Bullying On TikTok

China Accused The US for Absolute Bullying On TikTok

On Tuesday, China Accused The U.S for bullying over the TikTok. TikTok is a popular short clip application. It is worth mentioning that US President Mr. Donald Trump emphasized over the Byte Dance Company to sell US TikTok to the American company.

As Per recent hot talks between two giant countries of the world, Donald Trump gave six weeks ultimatum to Byte Dance. He asked the company to sell the US operations of the application. Furthermore, he compelled the company to offer the financial benefits to the government too.Read Also: TWITTERATI ARE FURIOUS FOR DOUBLE STANDARDS IN TIKTOK CASE

However, spokesperson of the foreign ministry Wang Wenbin stated that

This is totally against the laws of market economy and the World Trade Organization’s rules of openness, transparency and nondiscrimination. So, it is Absolute Bullying On TikTok

Furthermore, White house officials have serious concerns that TikTok is spying on the U.S. In addition to this, officials say that TikTok provides US data to Chinese government. In this regard, Trump said this Monday that

It is got to be owned here, because we do not want to have any security problem

Meanwhile, Wang Wenbin said that

As per national security grounds for which U.S Government accuses Chinese companies does not hold water

Furthermore, he said that

Chinese companies follow international rules and regulations strictly. So, U.S concerns are not justified and it is straightforward bullying

In a press briefing, foreign ministry’s spokesperson said that,

Without presenting any evidence, US is using an abused concept of national security. So, America is unjustifiably suppressing and teasing Non-U.S companies

Furthermore, he added that TikTok is globally popular application. It has more than one billion users worldwide. These users create one-minute short video clips through smart phones. However, addressing the geopolitical pressure and tension, ByteDance is the parent company of the TikTok application.

It is worth mentioning that Byte Dance Company’s representative told that

ByteDance will establish the headquarters out of the United States in order to serve global users in a better manner


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