WhatsApp Introduced New Feature To Control Fake Information – “Search The Web”

WhatsApp Introduced New Feature To Control Fake Information

Recently, WhatsApp Introduced New Feature ‘Search The Web’. This feature will help user in searching and gathering the information on the internet regarding sent links and images. However, currently Whatsapp is dealing with chronic issue of fake news on the platform.

As we all well aware of the fact that social media is the biggest source of false and fake news. Especially after the pandemic, social media has become the hub of fake and false news. People are really confuse that what to believe and what not to believe. So, Whatsapp Introduced New Feature to tackle the fake news, propagating on the social media platform.


In the last update of the Whatsapp, double arrows were added into the application. These arrow were added to let the users know about the messages and its authenticity. If the message is not generated from the close contact, Whatsapp alarms you. Furthermore, this feature allows you to check the authenticity of the chain messages.

WhatsApp spokes person said in a statement that

We introduced a limit sharing ‘highly forward message’ to just one chat in personal. Hence this features limits the message forwarding. Consequently, highly forward messages have been reduced by 70% globally on WhatsApp

However, back in 2018 WhatsApp introduced the feature of the same nature. That feature restricts the users to send the forward message only to 5 chats at a same time. Messaging application has reported that after introducing this feature there was total 25% reduction in messages on the application globally.

Furthermore, spokesperson of WhatsApp stated that

This change is very helpful in keeping the WhatsApp a place for personal and private conversations. So, WhatsApp is highly committed to doing our part to tackle viral messages






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