Pakistan: New WiFi Booster Resolved the Expensive Internet Issue

Pakistan: New WiFi Booster Resolved the Expensive Internet Issue

Finally, New WiFi Booster Resolved the Expensive Internet Issue for tablet and iPad users in Pakistan. Users found a way to drastically improve the slow internet and enjoy the full speed at a very cheap price. Have you ever noticed the speed of your internet speed during peak consumption hours? Doubtlessly, you experience annoying slow speed during peak hours. However, this issue has been resolved after the New WiFi Booster.

Your internet service provider (ISP) reduces your internet speed intentionally.  Because the ISP tries to provide better internet speed to high paying customers. So, they shift your bandwidth to those customers and leave you in a miserable condition.


So, if your internet plan is one of the cheaper plans and you are facing internet speed issues. Here is a great chance for you to improve your internet speed through this new WiFi booster. In addition to this, this booster gives you an economical and reliable solution for slow internet.

An ex-engineer of Germany’s largest internet service providing company came up with this idea. He always knew that people have to pay full price and cannot enjoy better internet speed. So, he never felt happy being the part of that company. Eventually, he resigned from the company and came up with a solution for customers.

After extensive research work, he came with the device that bypasses the ISP speed throttling and increases the WiFi range of the internet connection. He named that miraculous device as “WiFi UltraBoost

How Does It Work?

It is quite simple to explain the function of “Ultra WiFiBoost”. This is a harsh reality that the majority of internet service providers use very cheap and low-quality WiFi routers. So, thick walls of our homes prevent already weak signal to reach out in each and every corner of the home. So, you will experience very poor internet speed. Furthermore, there would be many dead spots in your home because of these weak signals. However, WiFi UltraBoost resolves these issues and provides you with the best speed internet and wide range.

You can order this WiFi UltraBoost in Pakistan and can enjoy a faster and stronger internet connection at any time and in any corner of your home. Previously, the price for his device was $99.99 but you can purchase this booster at a promotional price. So, it is now available for only $49.

Salient Features of WiFi UltraBoost

  • Compatible with any router and brand
  • Works at the frequency of 2.4 GHz
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Transfer rate of up to 300Mbps
  • Energy efficient
  • Low radiation interference
  • Universal applicability

WiFi UltraBoost Resolves Following Issues

  • Strengthens weak WiFi signals
  • Improves internet speed remarkably
  • Remove WiFi dead spots in your home
  • Resolves endless buffering

It is worth mentioning that for the limited period of time WiFi UltraBoost is available at a 50% cut price. So, you can purchase it for only $49.

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