Cold Tube: New Cooling System – Good Bye Air Conditioners!

Cold Tube: New Cooling System

Conventional air conditioners use a tremendous amount of energy but scientists have developed Cold Tube: New Cooling System with as low energy consumption as half of the air conditioners. A team of researchers was on a mission to develop an energy-efficient and innovative cooling system. So, they have developed new cooling technology that will use half energy as compared to conventional air conditioners. This new cooling system works by absorbing the body heat of the persons present in the room. Consequently, they use around half the electricity of traditional and conventional air conditioners.


We all are aware of the fact that conventional air conditioners are very poor at energy consumption. So, their huge energy consumption is the motivation to develop alternative or efficient cooling systems. This is why Richard Branson launched a $3 million competition with the motive to develop the more energy-efficient air conditioners.

So, a team of researchers from well known and famous Universities like the University of British Columbia, Princeton University, Berkeley University, ETH Centre Singapore, and The University of California. These competent and skillful researchers finally develop the advanced cooling system.


Research Team

Furthermore, this new cooling system keeps the room environment cool in a more efficient and economical way. As we all are aware of the fact that the major function of currently present air conditioners is dehumidification. This dehumidification process consumes the major portion of the energy. So, researchers did their research work on the dehumidification process in order to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioners.

Adam Rysanek, research fallow of the team explains that:

Working of air conditioners by dehumidification and cooling down the air around us is not economical and efficient. Furthermore, this process is not environment friendly as well

How Cold Tube Works?

Cold Tube: New Cooling System

A look inside a pavilion incorporating the Cold Tube systemLea Ruefenacht


Adam Rysanek added that

Next-generation Cooling system cold Tube works by absorbing the heat of the body of the person present ion room. So, this process cools down the person without having to cool the air passing over their skin. This is the main reason we are able to save the major portion of the energy

So, this energy-efficient cooling system takes advantage of how heat is drawn from the hotter surfaces naturally via radiation. There is an arrangement of rectangular wall and ceiling panels. These panels contain chill water running through these panels. Furthermore, the novel membrane covers these panels that are airtight. Consequently, it prevents humidity and avoids the buildup of condensation.

Furthermore, this membrane lets the radiation to pass through. So, when a person stands next to the panel, body heat radiates towards the panel and causes a cooling sensation. Consequently, a person will feel a cooling effect without the dehumidification process. Cold Tube was tested last year in Singapore; a total of 60 people was invited for testing. All these men reported feeling “cool” and comfortable even at 30 degree Celsius temperature.

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