National Highways & Telenor Pakistan Joins Hands for e-Governance

National Highways & Telenor Pakistan Joins Hands for e-Governance

National Highways & Telenor Pakistan Joins Hands for e-Governance and trying to identify the potential areas for incorporation of technological tools. So, these technological tools will ensure better and efficient governance with better public safety. Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan, joins webinar organized by NH&MP and led by Inspector General NH&MP Mr. Kaleem Imam. This webinar was arranged to explore the e-Governance opportunities in Pakistan and new technological trends in the area. Furthermore, officials from NH&MP and Telenor Pakistan agreed upon the introduction of new technological and IT tools to ensure better e-Governance in Pakistan.


It is worth mentioning that there has been very rapid e-Governance transformation across the globe. Especially, law enforcement agencies become totally digital all across the world in past few years. So, Pakistan is in dire need of digitization as digital literacy is increasing in Pakistan. Hence, there is a great potential for Pakistan to shift from conventional and traditional governance to e-governance. Consequently, people will have fast and transparent services in Pakistan.

Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan says that:

Pakistan has been through a striving journey of digital transformation since the start of this century. Furthermore, Pakistan possesses more than 80% teledensity, so Pakistan is ready to take the next leap. The pace at which technology is evolving, it is inevitable for public sector to adapt it reap its benefits. Telenor Pakistan holds the expertise in artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and e-payments, and modern day technological tools. These tools hold the great potential to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our partners

Furthermore, he said that

I am very thankful to National Highway & Motorway Police for this great opportunity to discuss and identify the areas for e-governance through technology

Primary focus of this session was to discuss the potential of social media, artificial intelligence, e-payments, face recognition, vehicle registration and analysis of large data. These tools will help in reducing the gap between law enforcing agencies and public. Furthermore, these technological tools wil help in gathering the data and will improve safety surveillance. Consequently, NH&MP will be able to control traffic, and crimes in better manner.

Mr. Kaleem Imam, Inspector General National Highway & Motorway Police, said that

We have very keen interest in transparency and improved efficiencies. We strongly believe that the introduction of new technological tools can improve governance body. So, we are eager to adapt the use of these technologies to serve the nation in a better way. This is the part of our vision and we are working with innovative organizations like Telenor Pakistan. This close working and joint efforts will bring us close to our desire

Technological tools are evolving continuously. The way we interact with society keeps changing with the passage of time. So, systems that police forces use should be aligned with changing technological tools.


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