New Vivo Smartphone Camera Captures 160% More Light

New Vivo Smartphone Camera

On the occasion of the Vivo imaging and media conference, Company announces New Vivo Smartphone Camera Captures 160% More Light. Furthermore, the company says that it is working on the RGBW sensor arrangement. Consequently, proprietary RGBW will increase the camera’s light up to 160% in comparison to traditional RGBW array smartphones. Doubtlessly, you are going to enjoy the best camera phone 2020.


New Vivo Smartphone Camera Captures 160% More Light


It is worth mentioning that amount of lighting entering into camera control many factors and control image quality. So, this light is crucial for mobile photography. Furthermore, the size of the sensor, the area of the pixel, and the sensitivity of light depend upon light entering the camera.



In addition to this, Vivo compares its coming mobile with Huawei’s RYYB sensors. Shockingly, Vivo claims that Vivo’s coming smartphone will capture 60% more light than RYYB. Furthermore, you will witness no color casting issues as well. However, the RGBW array is not a new technology in the market. Previously, Sony Xperia and Huawei P8 also used this technology in 2015.



New Vivo Smartphone Camera Captures 160% More Light


RGBW array sensors replace the traditional array sensor and improve picture quality dramatically. So, this new proprietary RGBW array sensors will increase 160% of light intake. Furthermore, Vivo is going to launch innovative RGBW array sensors and you will not witness color issues as well. So, the New Vivo Smartphone Camera smartphone is worth waiting for.


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