Facebook Shares Data with Pakistan to Combat Cybercrimes

Facebook Shares Data with Pakistan

Facebook Team Meeting FIA Officals at FIA HQ

Conveniently, Facebook Shares Data with Pakistan to investigate and control the cybercrimes. Especially, cybercrimes against women and children will be investigated and controlled. However, the Facebook team agrees to share data with Pakistan as per Facebook’s policy. So, this data sharing will play a pivotal role in controlling crimes against children and women.

It is worth mentioning that a management team from the Facebook Asia Pacific headquarters visited FIA headquarters in Pakistan. This team includes Michael Yoon and Amber Hawkes. Michael Yoon is working as the Manager Trust and Safety APAC and Amber Hawks is the head of Safety Policy APAC.

As per higher FIA official, the Team visited the headquarters and met Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Mr. Wajid Zia. Furthermore, higher management of the FIA attends the meeting to discuss cybersecurity and data sharing matters. It is good news for Pakistan that Facebook Shares Data with Pakistan and assures full cooperation in this regard.

FIA and Facebook explore the areas of cooperation and coordination for combating cybercrimes. Furthermore, the Additional Director General of FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) and Director of CCW give a briefing over the role and success of the wing in combating cybercrimes. In addition to this, they give an overview of the initiatives of the CCW for fighting cybercrimes.

As per FIA official representative, the Facebook team says that:

We are eager and wishful for working in close coordination with FIA as per Facebook policy. By this way, we will be able to control the cybercrimes and illegal activities on Facebook

In addition to this, Facebook assures FIA that they will expedite the date sharing process relating to any cybercrime investigation. So, FIA will be able to control and prevent cybercrimes.


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