Cyber Security of Financial Systems – NED Students Developed AI-Based Software

Cyber Security of Financial Systems

Students from the National Center for Cyber Security (NCCS) at NED University have developed AI-Based software for Cyber Security of Financial Systems. The collaboration of NED University of Science and Technology and the National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) results in AI-Based software for the detection of dubious activities. Amazingly, this software ensures the Cyber Security of Financial Systems very successfully. Moreover, this software averts the breaches in the financial systems. This software includes threat intelligence, asset discovery, smart instruction detection, vulnerability assessment modes, and behavioral monitoring. Named “Security and Threat Intelligence Platform” is the software going to revolutionize online financial security.


Prominent Features of Software

The most prominent aspect of this software is that when you would deploy the system it will point out the aberrations. Additionally, it will let you know the week point of the financial systems. It will protect the financial systems from cyber theft, spyware attacks, and ransomware. So, this software is a firewall against all possible break-ins of the financial systems. Shockingly, this software took only one year for development.


This software is open and welcoming to customizations. So, you can easily modify and customize the software according to business needs and nature. This Tuesday, NCCS students and NCCPL representatives gave the demonstration of the Security and Threat Intelligence Platform. The demonstration was given on the occasion of a cybersecurity seminar. This seminar was attended by the many prominent figures like Turkish Consul General Karachi, Tolga Ucak. Chairman NCCPL, Hamayun Bashir, CEO NCCPL, Muhammad Lukman, CEO Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), Farrukh Khan, and NED Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Bashir.

It is worth mentioning that Tolha Ucak said while addressing the seminar,

It is really satisfactory and amazing fact for Pakistan that Pakistan is taking the huge strides in becoming self-reliant in the cybersecurity during the era of cyber warfare. Furthermore, he lauded the success of NCCS and NCCPL towards the development of this remarkable and much-needed AI-Based software. Moreover, this software will ensure safe and secure financial sustems.


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