TikTok Blocked 4 Million Videos and 25K Accounts in Pakistan

This Monday, PTA revealed that TikTok Blocked 4 Million Videos and 25000 fake accounts in Pakistan during the last three months. These statistics were presented to the Senate Standing Committee on Information and Technology this Monday. Furthermore, it was told that TikTok will spend half a million dollars on training and grooming of TikTok content creators.


TikTok will impart training regarding quality content creation. It is worth mentioning that PTA put a ban on TikTok in Pakistan earlier this month on October 9, 2020. However, after assurance from the TikTok management regarding stringent quality control SOPs.  Moreover, assurance of observation of local laws and moral values by the TikTok, PTA lifted the ban. So, in the future, we will have PTA complied TikTok. PTA regulates TikTok and other Social Media Apps in Pakistan.


TikTok Blocked 4 Million Videos

During the Senate Standing Committee meeting held on November 25, 2019, issues regarding the ban on Social Media Apps in Pakistan. Moreover, follow up on the status of a child abuse case in Rawat, Rawalpindi. Explicit videos were uploaded on the Dark Webs and higher officials took the notice of the incident.

This meeting was chaired by Senator Rubina Khalid, Senator Kulsoom Parveen, Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi, Senator Fida Muhammad, Senator Faisal Javed, Senator Muhammad Khalid Bizenjo, Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Sheikh, and Senior officers from the Ministry of Information and Technology and Telecommunication, FIA, PTA, and Punjab Police.

Legislation Against Electronic Crimes

Initially, during the meeting, Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Sheikh highlighted the Importance of Point of Public Importance. Later on, problems of IT professionals and Investors owing to the lethargic behavior of the Government were discussed. Moreover, Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Sheikh required a detailed response in writing. He added that any further discussion on the subject matter would be futile. So, t in the next meeting and a conclusion will be made on the basis of written detailed reports.


Discussing the strategy to put a ban on Social Media Apps, Committee was informed that Section 37 of the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act empowers PTA to take discrete steps to prevent electronic crimes. So, PTA is the incapacity of removing or blocking unethical online content. Furthermore, PTA can remove or block the content if it is found against the Defense, Glory of Islam. Furthermore, anything against the Contempt of Court, Morality and Decency, Child Abuse, or Dignity of Natural Person will be removed. So, users are going to enjoy more safe and ethical TikTok. In this regard, TikTok Blocked 4 Million Videos after filtration in accordance with laws given by PTA.


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