Five Miraculous Technologies – You Witnessed in 2020

Five Miraculous Technologies

This article covers the Five Miraculous Technologies that emerged in 2020. Though Covid-19 and social distancing have been the defining terms for 2020 we witnessed miraculous technological advancements this year as well. World Economic Forum and Scientific American Magazine unveil the Five Miraculous Technologies for the year 2020.

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Below are the Magical Technologies we witnessed in 2020.

1. Environment-Friendly Cement

Five Miraculous Technologies

As we all know that cement is an essential part of concrete and constructions. Collectively, cement causes 8% of global carbon Dioxide. This is because the cement manufacturing procedure requires the burning of a large number of fossil fuels. So, scientists and researchers are trying to modify the recipes with the objective of providing low-carbon emitting cement. Moreover, German researchers are trying to introduce an alternative for cement. This alternative will include the mud and weed straw to be used instead of cement. Consequently, the construction industry of the world will become environment friendly and we will be able to save the ozone layer.

2. Painless Injections

Painless Injections

Injections are painful and almost everyone fears being injected. But there is no need to worry as new painless needles are on their way to market. Microneedles have a thickness of not more than a human hair. Moreover, they will penetrate into the skin without stimulating the pain receptors. Consequently, the injection procedure will be free of pain. Moreover, the probability of catching infectious diseases would be reduced remarkably. In addition to this, these needles do not require any special type of equipment and training. So, these needles could be used in less developed areas of the world.

3. Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen is the electrolytic combustion procedure for hydrogen. Amazingly, electrolysis will yield only water as a by-product. Consequently, combustion reactions will become carbon-free globally. We will emit a remarkably lower quantity of carbon dioxide into the environment. As per experts, the green hydrogen market will reach 12 trillion dollars by the year 2050. Currently, combustion procedures emit a huge quantity of carbon into the environment and electrolysis combustion is not economically feasible.

4. Electric Jets

Five Miraculous Technologies

Electric propulsion is going to play a vital role in reducing air and noise pollution globally. Moreover, the operational and maintenance costs of aviation will be reduced remarkably. Currently, more than 170 projects with an objective of introducing electric propulsion are in pipeline. NASA, Airbus, and many other aviation companies are working on projects to develop electric jet engines. Shockingly, Airbus announced that they would have 100 passenger electric planes on board by 2030.


5. e-Health

Five Miraculous Technologies

Last but not least among Five Miraculous Technologies is e-Health. Today, it is an era of digitization and the internet.  In near future, the internet will take over the health industry. There will be online portals providing A to Z health services remotely. You will be able to contact the doctors and physicians across the border with the help of a single click.

Moreover, high-resolution pictures of the human organs and complex mathematical models will help in producing virtual organs. Computer algorithms will analyze the pictures and will create virtual organs with the same functional capabilities. So, these virtual organs would be able to replace human organs.

Directly or indirectly, the abovementioned Five Miraculous Technologies will help in reducing global warming and pollution. We are going to experience a healthy and pollution-free atmosphere because of these innovative scientific inventions.


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