Best Selling Products on Daraz 2022 – Top 10

Daraz is the biggest online shopping platform in Pakistan. It was first started as an online retail fashion store in 2012 – developed, launched, and owned by Muneeb Maayr and Farees Shah. Daraz was the first and most trusted online shopping platform in Pakistan that gave customers the benefit of YGWYS (You Get What You See).  

Daraz expanded in South Asian markets when it was acquired by Alibaba – the acquisition amount was never tipped. It has then become a globally trusted online shopping platform with hundreds of brands selling directly to customers.

Around the world, there is a shopping week called Black Friday. Daraz also followed the yearly trend and it got heavy criticism from the public. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic country and Friday is a blessed day and black color is considered to be an omen.

It is just food for thought but the start of Black Friday was not good for Daraz and the company turned the tables when they changed the name to Blessed Friday. Daraz is the only online shopping platform that puts almost every product at a 70% discount on Blessed Friday (Black Friday).

Every year on Blessed Friday, the company generates millions and billions of PKR. The best thing about this platform is that anyone can make a seller’s account for free. If you want to become a top seller on Daraz, then know the most sold items on Daraz. In this blog, you will see the list of the most sold items on Daraz.

Mobile Phones

Right after the company allowed various products to be sold on the platform, clothing, and mobile phones have never left the no.1 spot for being the most sold item on Daraz. The most sold products on Daraz are mobile phones, especially on Blessed Friday.

Shoppers say that there is a difference of 5,000 PKR to 10,000 PKR in every mobile phone depending on the brand. You can buy discounted mobile phones on Daraz during the Blessed Friday sale.


Most people in Pakistan don’t shop for electronics online because of uncountable fraudulent cases but Daraz has maintained its position to sell original and undamaged electronics. You can almost any household electronics from this platform from refrigerators to TVs and from microwave ovens to air conditioners.

The best thing is that these electronics are sold by the original companies as well and that is also why these electronics come with a guarantee. If there are any damages, you can always replace it with a new one.

Mobile Phone Accessories

The third most sold items on Daraz are mobile phone accessories. You can shop from different brands and hundreds of local retailers selling at discounted prices. You can buy earbuds, earplugs, headphones, hands-free, Bluetooth speakers of all sizes, covers and cases, stickers, and much more.

People turn to Daraz before visiting their nearest mobile phone shop because you can find different mobile phone accessories in a cheap price. Plus, there is more variety and options in Daraz as compared to any shop in the market.

Kitchen Utensils

You must have seen videos swarming on Facebook where people are using smart kitchen gadgets or handy kitchen devices and utensils that boost their productivity…well, Daraz has all of those things.

Daraz is a shopping haven for women who love to cook – cooks of the house can shop for hundreds and thousands of kitchen accessories at a discounted price. You can also find kitchen cleaning products as well.

Baby Accessories

Pakistan’s population is increasing at an alarming number and Daraz has everything to keep updated with parenting methods. You can find baby carriers, baby cots, prams, strollers, feeding bottles, pampers, shampoo, oil, and anything you name.

Parents can also shop for a variety of toys for babies that are safe. Daraz knows that new parents find it hard to shop around and that is why this online shopping platform always sets discounted prices on baby products and accessories.


Gone are the days when women were only allowed to take care of themselves; Daraz has become a secret closet for men where they can pamper themselves. You can find cosmetics for women and men on Daraz and ever since platforms like TikTok have made people beautify themselves, you will always find discounted prices on this category of products.

It is said that there are over 4 million beauty and cosmetic products in Daraz. You can find deals and all-in-one packages from different retailers. People also buy wholesale price and buy cosmetic and beauty products in bulk.

Pet Feed and Accessories

Pakistani citizens have lately shown a lot of interest in keeping domestic pets and Daraz has been the most opted platform by pet lovers. Pet owners adore their pets and can go to any extent to keep them safe and healthy – Daraz has everything for it.

You can find cat food, dog food, fish food, grooming kits for cats and dogs, bowls and other accessories. Daraz has become the Amazon of Pakistan because the category of products keeps on increasing allowing people to raise their living standards in an affordable price.

Blankets and Quilt Covers

As we said before that people are slowly raising the bar of better living standards in Pakistan and Daraz is playing a huge role in doing so. While bedding products are expensive in the physical market stores, Daraz has hundreds of sellers willing to sell at lesser and comparable prices.

You can shop from hundreds of qualities of fabric in blankets and quilt covers. You can also find cushions and electric blankets as well. Homemakers usually opt for Daraz when it comes to shopping for bedding because there are a large variety of colors and sizes.

Folding Wardrobe

Pakistan’s economy has led people to shift to smaller homes and that is why in such spaces adjusting a cupboard can be difficult. It also makes the room smaller – Daraz has hundreds of sellers who have the solution to this problem. You can find portable or you can say foldable wardrobes of different sizes.

You can also find foldable shoe racks and kitchen racks. This product is recently picked up the market by students who shift in hostels or small apartments for the sake of jobs or studies. It is the most sold item on Daraz because it is long-lasting and very much affordable.


You will be surprised to know that furniture is also the most sold item on Daraz. The wedding season in Pakistan is set for winter and spring and people buy furniture in tons to give in dowry. Even though dowry is against Islamic rules and Pakistani law but people tend to give anyway.

Daraz has been empowering people to never settle for less on quality when it comes to furniture by onboarding best sellers. From brands to local sellers, you can find almost any furniture item at different prices, sizes, colors, and quality. Daraz has also launched a Wedding Gala sale on all furniture items.


There you have the list of most sold items on Daraz – if you want to become a full-time seller or start a small side hustle then kick off with these products. Daraz has become a main source of income for many people who sell actively. People are actually teaching how to do SEO for Daraz seller’s account.

This will help you reach more audiences. The best tip for selling on Daraz is to upload original and authentic pictures of the product and right every detail of the product in the description. It will help buyers give a complete idea of the product.


How can I find the best-selling products on Daraz?

You can find the best-selling products on Daraz by browsing through the “Top Selling” or “Popular” sections on the website or mobile app, or by using the search bar to find specific products.

Are the best-selling products on Daraz always the most expensive items?

Not necessarily. The best-selling products on Daraz can come in a wide range of prices, and the best-selling items may not always be the most expensive.

Do the best-selling products on Daraz have a warranty?

Most of the products sold on Daraz come with a warranty, but it depends on the product and the seller. It’s always best to check the product details or contact the seller directly to confirm if a warranty is included.

What are the best-selling products on Daraz?

The best-selling products on Daraz vary depending on the category and time of year, but some popular items include smartphones, fashion items, home appliances, and beauty products.

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