How to Monetize Facebook Page in Pakistan?

Facebook has made the world smaller than before. Instagram is also acquired by Facebook and many people are now opting for it, still, Facebook has more active users than any social media platform. Other than socializing, people are also doing business over Facebook; you can make a page and promote your content paid and free. 

Facebook is popular among regular users and businesses because it is free to use and creating an account requires less than 5 steps. Uploading videos has been a part of Facebook ever since it was launched, and to compete with TikTok, it introduced Reels.

You can upload short videos that become a reel and people can like, comment, share and even send you stars that are bought by senders. Long videos are also monetized on Facebook. The more you invest on doing SEO on Facebook pages, the more engagements your page will get and soon, you will start earning from your videos. In this blog, you will know everything about how to monetize Facebook page in Pakistan.

Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 2023 Guide

Pakistan’s Ministry of IT has confirmed that Facebook videos monetization has activated for the country. This news was also populated by Dunya News. Videos like blogs, news, gaming, product showcasing etc. videos can be monetized. Inappropriate videos can be removed by Facebook even if it was monetized.

How to Check Eligibility Criteria for Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan?

Follow the steps to check if your Facebook page falls within the criteria of monetization.

First Step: Log in to your Facebook account and switch to your page.

Second Step: Go to the dashboard and look for the monetization option.

Third Step: Go to subscriptions and your progress will be shown.

You can also download the Facebook Creator Studio app from Play Store or App Store.

Rules and Criteria of Facebook Monetization in Pakistan

Below are the rules and criteria of being eligible for Facebook monetization in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria

Your Facebook page should be following the rules of monetization to become eligible for monetization. Facebook pages can be monetized in different ways.

  • Branded content
  • Fan subscription
  • In-stream ads

For Fan Subscription Facebook Monetization Criteria

Below are the ways of monetizing Facebook page for fan subscriptions:

  • You should have at least 10,000 followers.
  • You should have a minimum of 250 weekly returning views.
  • A minimum of 50,000 posts engagements.
  • A minimum of 180,000 minutes were viewed on videos in the last 60 days.
  • There should be more than 5 videos.
  • Minimum age 18.

For Branded Content Facebook Monetization Criteria

Below are the ways of monetizing Facebook page for branded content:

  • Minimum age 18.
  • Request for access
  • Apply for brand collaboration manager on Facebook
  • Follow rules and policies of Branded Content Policies on Facebook.

In-stream Ads Facebook Monetization Criteria

Below are the ways of monetizing Facebook page for in-stream ads:

  • Publish videos from the Facebook page. Videos shared on the Facebook page will not be monetized.
  • Follow Facebook’s policies and community standards.
  • Get 10,000 followers.
  • 5 active videos.
  • 600,000 views on videos in the last 60 days.
  • Videos should be of 1 minute or more.
  • Minimum age 18.

Basic Facebook Page Monetization Policies

If the Facebook page does not adhere to the rules and policies of monetization then their page will be back to square one. The rules and policies are simple; you have to upload content that is according to the following:

  • Content monetization policies
  • Partner monetization policies
  • Community standards

Content Monetization Policies

These are the guidelines that all Facebook content creators have to follow. Below are the certain things that need to be avoided in terms of uploading videos:

  • Looping videos
  • Embedded ads
  • Text montages
  • Slideshow with images
  • Static images videos and polls

There are more things to it, you can read about them in detail at Facebook’s Content Monetization Policies web page.

Partner Monetization Policies

These guidelines are applied according to the level of Facebook page. It is overall linked with the behavior of your Facebook page. You need to follow the set of rules:

  • Connect with entities that follow Facebook’s policies
  • Create an established presence
  • Upload authentic content
  • Get real engagement

Community Standards

Community standards are a set of rules and guidelines that must be followed to ensure that the content uploaded is productive, healthy and safe for everyone. These rules are the same for business profiles, regular profiles, groups, liv streams, and pages. Below are the rules to be followed.

  • Privacy
  • Dignity
  • Safety
  • Authenticity


The revenue division of Facebook is the same as YouTube offers to its content creators; 55% of the earnings are given to the content creator and the rest of it goes to the platform. Though many people complain that after some time, Facebook disables their monetization for some reason but that can be discussed with representatives over email.


Q: How are ads displayed on Facebook videos after monetization?

Ans: The ads on videos appear at the beginning of the video, at the middle of the video, or at the end of the video. Multiple ads can be seen in the videos.

Q: Are Urdu videos monetized on Facebook?

Ans: Yes, you can upload Urdu videos on Facebook and if they meet the eligibility criteria and are according to the rules, they can be monetized.

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