PM Imran and Tania Aidrus Meets CEOs of YouTube

PM Imran and Tania Aidrus Meets CEOs of YouTube

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Ex-Google executive Tania Aidrus met with a number of technology and digital companies. They met on the occasion of the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting.

As per available details, during the meeting capability of digital media for image building of Pakistan was discussed. Furthermore, it was discussed how we can attract the world towards Pakistan and promote tourism through digital media. PM Imran Khan Laid emphasis that how we can attract investors towards Pakistan through image building on social media and digital media. However, in a tweet, Tania Aidrus stated that it was briefly discussed the promotion of responsible digital journalism. Furthermore, she talked about the support of social media content creators on the state level.

PM Imran and Tania Aidrus Meets CEOs of YouTube

As we all are aware of the fact that PEMRA is preparing for regulating social media content creators and web TV, YouTube CEO may ask for the feedback. Pakistan’s Government is deciding what is doable and what is not and what are the regulating practices all across the globe.



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