5G era

Global System for Mobile Communications Association – GSMA Releases New Reports

GSMA Releases New Reports of 2020 and analyzes the mobile communications and mobile economy. Some of the salient features of the report are as below,

1. The Mobile Economy Asia Pacific Report

In the report, it is stated that the digital ecosystem across the Asia Pacific region remains too efficient in response to the current global challenges. The ecosystem has proved vital especially during the C0vid-19 pandemic. Participants from the complete digital chain – operators, vendors, internet players, and states – are putting joint efforts to ensure positive outcomes. However, owing to the current pandemic, operators have been granted the opportunity of boosting the business. E-commerce, video conferencing and online collaboration tools are the only reliable and safe tools during a pandemic.


Furthermore, 5G internet services get huge recognition across the region. Till now, nine commercial operators launched their services and 12 others are n queue. So, these facts make the Asia Pacific region home to the most advanced 5G markets in the world.

2. Cloud Network Opening

Telecom networks comprise of open and virtual technologies that are getting massive recognition. This news came into light recently by Rakuten’s network launch in Japan and subsequent plans to sell networking goods to customers across the globe. However, you should not confuse open and virtual networks. Both technologies draw remarkable attention from the operators to minimize vendor lock-in. We will have a look over Rakuten‘s model to understand the effect of this model on a wider spectrum of network transformation.

3. The 5G Era for Operators

5G era of the internet has increased the interest of operators in B2B. So, enterprise use cases are taken as the opportunity to monetize 5G networks and services provision. However, in order to increase the B2B revenue growth, operators require a clear proposition of the industries and enterprises that target transformation.


4. Device Portfolio and Strategies

A transformational spectrum, a progressive tipping point, and a transformational balance of channels. Furthermore, the 5G era ensures deeper and more fluid competitive gadgets than that of the LTE era. However, how the operators are maintaining their device portfolio strategies and how new vendors help them? How they assist move the market towards the tipping point for the adaptation of the 5G market?

Furthermore, the latest Operators Insights Survey from GSMA intelligence analyzed operator’s strategies for device portfolio. Going deep into the roster plans and priorities like device features, pricing, and market expectations. They drew the results and prepared a comprehensive report.