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Google Is Combining Gmail, Google Drive, and More

Google Is Combining Gmail, Google Drive, and More

There are a lot number of apps and products owned by Google like Gmail, Hangouts, Hangouts Meet, and Google Drive, etc. These apps are standalone apps for chatting purposes and getting different work done. Reportedly, Google is working on combining all these apps in order to develop a single communication app.

This new app will hold all of Google’s apps altogether in order to increase productivity. Furthermore, it will make communication easier for users. Users will remain up to date with all apps at a single time.

Google Is Combining Gmail Google Drive

It is said this new app will become an integral part of the GSuite Productivity Tools. Currently, this app is being tested by the Google Cloud Team. This app will be the direct competitor of other communication apps like Microsoft and Slacks.

However, too much detail about the application is not available. Furthermore, Google did not comment on the leaks and declined to take any position over leaks. However, an incentive is clear as Google products users often switch to other apps because of a large user base and busy servers. Consequently, users have to use other communication apps like Slack or Microsoft in order to get their work done.

As we already stated that details are yet to be confirmed regarding this leak. So, it is not easy to understand how all these apps will work altogether. Maybe this app will enable users to do video conference and email reading from the friend simultaneously. Users are expecting the answers to these questions eagerly.