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Capital Advance Service – Payoneer Launches New Service

A leading payment platform Payoneer introduced a new service Capital Advance Service. Amazingly, the Payoneer payment gateway offers eCommerce merchants working capital for business expansion and growth. In addition to this, the Payoneer capital loan scheme has the promising objective of empowering the business around the globe. So, Payoneer offers customers a single click capital loan and an instant boost of funds. Consequently, customers will be able to run and expand their existing businesses.

New Loan Scheme

This new Payoneer loan scheme is extended regularly with repayments in 90 days for sellers on Amazon, Tophatter, and Walmart. Furthermore, this service has already provided working capital and loans to thousands of sellers. Previously, Payoneer launched the ‘Early Payment’ product back in 2017, and Capital Advance Service is the expansion of that product.


It is worth mentioning that capital advance meaning a life-changing opportunity for merchants looking for business expansion and growth. Furthermore, working capital becomes a real challenge when merchants want to remain competitive and expand the business. So, access to Capital Advance Service will enable merchants to expand the business into new products, marketplaces, and countries. Furthermore, merchants will be able to ensure more inventories to meet the demand during peak demand seasons.

How Different from Traditional Loan Schemes

Contrarily, traditional financial services providers are not competent enough to underwrite eCommerce business. Consequently, these financial institutes charge high rates or deny financial aid to merchants. So, Capital Advance Service allows the merchants to receive the funds immediately and easily. Contrary to a bank loan, Capital Advance Service by Payoneer is not only instant but low-risk and low-cost as well. This because Capital Advance Service does not require collateral and the amount of loan amount depends upon on sales performance history.

CEO of Payoneer, Mr. Scott Galit says that:

We can understand that working capital is the toughest challenge for merchants looking for business growth and expansion. So, capital advance services llc provides offer merchants with instant access to the loan they need to expand the business. We are very happy to offer financial support to our eCommerce seller customers. Furthermore, we will make them able to smartly scale their business, increase sell and increase their profits

Doubtlessly, by offering Capital Advance Service to sellers, marketplace customers will provide financing options for their sellers with the least risk. Furthermore, this service will boost the overall volume and revenue through the expansion and growth of the business.

Know About Payoneer

Payoneer is a financial services provider giant and operates in more than 200 countries. It was founded in 2005 in New York and ranked in the top 100 of Inc. 5000’s Financial Services companies. Furthermore, it connects businesses, professionals, and currencies globally. An innovative cross-border payment platform offers seamless and fast payments globally. In addition to this, leading corporations of the world like Airbnb, Getty Images, and Google use Payoneer mass payment platform.

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