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Tania Aidrus is an ex-Google employee who worked in Singapore on the ‘Next Billion User’ project powered by Google. She left Google after getting a job offer from PTI’s member Jahangir Tareen who is also a former member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. The job offer was to become the chief digital officer of Digital Pakistan – this was an initiative started by ex-prime of Pakistan Imran Khan.

Ever since Digital Pakistan has launched in the country, the IT sector has progressed in bringing almost 5 million U.S. dollars. Netizens have started to know the importance of digitalization in Pakistan and every person is making its way to new opportunities. In this blog, you will know Tania Aidrus biography and much more.

Tania Aidrus Biography/Wiki

Tania Aidrus’s nationality is Pakistani as she was born in 1980 in Islamabad, Pakistan – aged 41. Confirmed sources tell that she graduated from Pakistan and went to extend her qualifications in America – and she travelled when she was just 20 years of age.

Tania Aidrus completes the definition of workaholic because she studied and worked in the United States and did great in her position at Google. This allowed her to make a name that make PTI leaders thought to hire her for the Digital Pakistan project. Learning everything from Google, Tania made sure to up the initiative for the betterment of people of Pakistan.

Tania Aidrus’s position in Google was as a director product payment for next billion user program and before this, she was working as a country manager for South Asia Emerging Market in Google. She has also launched her own app ‘ClickDiagnostics’, it is an online health platform.

Ex-Google executive Tania Aidrus also worked as a senior consultant in Booz Allen Hamilton and a research assistant at First Consulting Group. After getting appointed in Pakistan for the Digital Pakistan project, she was criticized of having dual nationalities and people doubted her motives.

At the inauguration of Digital Pakistan project, she addressed some speeches and said that she is a Pakistani and will always be a Pakistani and she was sad to know that people doubted her. As of now, Tania Aidrus net worth is more than 70 million Pakistani rupees. According to her offer letter, Tania is paid 50,000 PKR for the job but everyone highly doubts the figure.

Some say that she is doing it out of love towards her country while some say that she is backed by family heritage, savings and her own project is running with complete success.

Is Tania Aidrus Qadiani, Ahamdi or Christian?

This is the most asked question on the internet but the fact is that it is just a rumor. The family name Aidrus is actually pronounced as Adress. She is a Muslim and her parents are from Pakistan. The family names are written differently and have evolved – that is why some people have a theory about her motives for Pakistan.

Tania Aidrus Family

According to different confirmed sources that Tania’s father is a businessman and his businesses are spread mainly in Gulf countries and that is why there is another rumor to it. Gossip mill says that his father is an Arab national but it is not a fact. The names of Tania’s mother and father are unknown and there is no confirmation about her siblings either.

Is Tania Aidrus Married?

No, Tania Aidrus is not married. The 41 years old ex-Google executive enjoys her life to the fullest being single. There is no news about her getting married and we don’t know whether she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Tania Aidrus Assets Details

Tania Aidrus made most of her assets while working at Google. According to trending news, she owns 4 properties internationally – Two in the United States, one in the United Kingdom and one in Singapore. These properties are estimated to hold the worth of PKR 452 million.

It is also confirmed that has loaded bank accounts in Pakistan and abroad which are worth more than PKR 25 million and she owns a Toyota Fortuner. People also ask what was Tania Aidrus’s salary at Google – this is unknown and there is no news about it as well.

Tania Aidrus v/s Umar Saif

Women have been oppressed in Pakistan in different ways or you can say that in any way possible. Umar Saif always opposed Tania Aidrus – which always seemed out of jealousy because he wasn’t selected by ex-prime minister Imran Khan. This is because Tania is way mre experienced than Umar Saif in several ways.

Tania was doctored many times Umar Saif concerning her experience – whereas, Tania has worked in Google which matters more than anything in any resume. Umar Saif also did a great deed of work at Punjab Information Technology Board but it is still not comparable to Tania’s work experience. For some reason Umar Saif always tried to mansplain Tania Aidrus, but his side of the story was always turned down and Tania’s part of sayings always made sense in every way.

Why Did Tania Aidrus Resign?

Tania Aidrus resigned due to extreme criticism over her dual nationality. According to her, she resigned only viewing the public’s interest and this was a huge downer for ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan. Many think that Tania was sacked and she had no option but to give a resignation. People are also heard saying that Tania and Mirza Shahzad Akbar were summoned for discussion and was later asked to resign. Tania tried to contact the ex-Prime Minister but she was told that Imran Khan cannot meet her. It is also said that the battles between Shabahat Ali Shah, Jahangir Tareen and Umar Saif led to her resignation.

Tania Aidrus Education

For starters, many people have a misconception that Tania Aidrus studied from LUMS but it is not correct. Her schooling is unknown but it is heard that she was schooled in Pakistan – though, she moved out of country in 1999. This is confirmed that she got her bachelor’s degree from Brandies University in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. She completed her MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management.

How to Contact Tania Aidrus?

You can contact Tania Aidrus via the following:

For those looking for Tania Aidrus’s email address and Google profile; you’ll be just wasting time because this information has not been expelled yet.  

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